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20 rows  Nondependant deductions are made depending on their gross income Jul 12, 2004 Help needed about HB nondependent deductions. Discussion in 'UK Tax Credits and Benefits' started by Robbie, Jul 5, nondep deductions should not be taken for the Housing Benefit Non Dependent Deductions.

Med deductions for a dependent. Help needed on Solo 401K& tax deductions. A nondependant deduction means that your housing benefit can be reduced if an adult friend or family member lives with you. How a nondependant deduction works Your housing benefit can be reduced if an adult friend or family member lives with you. There is no nondependant deduction from HB, whereas there is a deduction (housing costs contribution) of 138.

74 per month from UC. The claimant could only apply for a discretionary housing payment to cover the shortfall in UC housing costs. Deductions are usually made from a claimants Housing and Council Tax Benefit if non dependants live with them.

Separate deductions are applied to both Housing and Council Tax Benefit. The amount deducted depends on the non dependants income.

An example of how nondependant deductions work What we deduct for nondependants April 2018 All figures shown below are A non dependant is someone who normally lives with the Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claimant such as an adult son, daughter, relative or friend.

Boarders, subtenants and joint tenants are not nondependants. Aug 25, 2006 NonDependant Deductions Thu 24Aug06 10: 21 AM If a HB claimant has a grown up sondaughter living with them who is under 25 and on JSA(IB), there is no nondependant deduction.

Some 56 per cent of nondependant deductions to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit awards relate to nondependants with a income of less than 180 per week, and nearly one fifth (19 per cent) of nondependants living with Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit customers have a (If youve forgotten your login please email us at Hb non dependant deductions 2012 movie visiting?

If youd like to see the information on this page, and discover all the other useful tools we offer, youll need to be registered member. HB deductions for underoccupying social housing. Issue 232 (February 2013) but the rules about how payments are treated and whether nondependant deductions apply can be complex (see pp266 and 924 of CPAGs Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook ) and claimants should seek advice before proceeding.

Reg 5 Jan 24, 2007 RE: nondependant deductions for housing benefit Tue 23Jan07 08: 55 PM The commentary on the pre 05 version of this reg in the CPAG HB book (Findlay et al) suggests that this provision was introduced to bring the HBCTB rules into line with the ISJSA rules for housing costs.

housing benefit nondependant deduction table Who is a nondependant? A nondependant is someone aged 18 years or over who lives with you. It does not include someone living in your home who has a legally enforceable agreement to pay rent to 70.

The amount of a persons appropriate maximum housing benefit in any week shall be 100 per cent. of his eligible rent calculated on a weekly basis in accordance with regulation 80 and 81 (calculation of weekly amount and rent free periods) less any deductions in respect of nondependants Nondependant Deductions Housing Benefit Housing Benefit Weekly Deductions from entitlement In receipt of State Pension Credit Nil Not in receipt of State

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