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How can the answer be improved? Here's a list of everyday sayings you didn't know were movie quotes (and why we say them now). Know where the phrase" Bye, Felicia" came from? Here's a list of everyday sayings you didn't know were movie quotes (and why we say them now).

It comes during a small moment in a liquor store in which Fogle (aka McLuvin) drops a sixpack of beer Of course, the film came out in 1995, long before YouTube or Twitter was even a thing.

So how did" Bye, Felicia" become an internet meme in 2014? This came a full six years after Bye Felicia had hit Urban Dictionary in 2008. A correct spelling of the character Felishas name wouldnt hit Urban Dictionary until 2015. Watch video  Appearing recently on Conan, Ice Cube, who cowrote the Friday script, called Bye, Felicia the phrase" to get anyone out of your face.

" In 2014, VH1 even started airing a TV show called Bye Somehow, Bye, Felicia, a minuscule line from the movie Friday, became imbued with a sticky staying power thats resonated for 20 years. Now its about to rocket to new zeitgeisty heights. Starting as a referance to the character Felicia in the movie Friday.

Look it up on Urban Dictionary. Black girl: facepalm# friday# bye# felisha# movie# bye felicia. You can then say the words" Bye Felicia" as a way of dismissing them from your life, and showing them they hold no relevance to you. May 08, 2013  The phrase comes from a character in the movie Friday.

Felicia is dirty and is always begging and needing stuff. So if you watch it The phrase" Bye, Felicia" (actually spelled" Felisha" in the cast listing) came from a scene in the American stoner buddy crime comedy film Friday (1995). According to Ice Cube, who starred in the film and cowrote its script, " Bye, Felicia" is" the phrase 'to get anyone out of your face " and, Jul 31, 2015  Where" Bye Felicia" came from Catlandscapestud.

Movie Friday; Show more Show less. Ice Cube: Inventor of" Bye, Felicia" and" It's on Like Donkey Kong" May 16, 2014 And, if" Bye Felicia" really has been used by Black people as a phrase that means more than its literal meaning, it's curious that websites which lists quotable quotes from that classic or near classic movie don't include that" Bye Felicia" quote.

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