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The words repeated by Notebook fans the world over. They come just before Noah and Allie kiss in the rain (in a completely noncliche manner) and rekindle their love years after it began. Jesse Fisher: Don't be a genius who dies young.

Be one who dies old. Being old is cool. Grow old, and die old. It's a better arc. A liberal is a man or woman or a child who looks forward to a better day, a more tranquil night, and a bright, infinite future. George Carlin Once you leave the womb, conservatives dont care about you until you reach military age. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Liberal Arts movie on Quotes. net. Login. Don't let people miss on a great quote from the" Liberal Arts" movie add it here!

Add a Quote. The Web's Largest Resource for Famous Quotes& Sayings. A Member Of The STANDS4 Network. I started my career as a liberal arts major from Berkeley, wrote about enterprise IT for a few years, then followed my passion for the digital narrative into graduate school as well (also at Berkeley, the Oxford of the West or, perhaps, the Harvard sorry Stanford!

). Liberal Arts Quotes. Quotes tagged as" liberalarts" (showing 130 of 40) He stressed the importance of a liberal arts education but urged her to avoid all courses in writing.

" Everyone has to find her own way of writing, " he wrote Scottie, " and the source of finding it is largely out of literature. The Notebook (2004) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more Unable to either start a new novel or make sense of her life, Anna begins the golden notebook just before the last chapter of, Free Women.

Memorable Quotes Words. Sep 11, 2012 As the humanities and liberal arts are downsized, privatized, and commodified, higher education finds itself caught in the paradox of claiming to invest in the future of young people while offering them few intellectual, civic, and moral supports. Liberal Arts Quotes The ability to recognize opportunities and move in new and sometimes unexpected directions will benefit you no matter your interests or aspirations.

A liberal arts education is designed to equip students for just such flexibility and imagination. Liberal Arts (2012) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more 'The Notebook' is a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. This book was made into a movie with the same name, which released in 2004 and went on to gross over a hundred million dollars worldwide. The 50 Most Romantic Movies You Must See in Your Lifetime.

looks like a list from a romance and movies liberal arts course though lol. Best Movie Quotes: I love The Notebook this movie always makes me cry! so sweet i hope to have a h The Notebook Quotes (showing 130 of 313) I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.

Famous Liberal Arts quotes 1. The purpose of a liberal arts education is to learn that a person can like both cats and dogs! Read more quotes and sayings about Famous Liberal Arts.

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