How to play movie from computer to lg tv

Download Google Play movies and TV shows onto your Android and iOS devices or Chromebook, so you can watch without a WiFi or mobile data connection. For PC, Mac, and other laptops and computers: Movies and shows purchased from Google Play cant be downloaded onto computers, except for Chromebooks.

That way, your computer becomes a playback device, with the TV acting as a monitor. Using an HDMI (highdefinition multimedia interface) cable is the easiest way to Sep 19, 2018 Hi, To connect your computer to a television, your computer needs to have a video port that matches one of the inputs on your television. If your television does not have a VGA or DVI input that matches an output on your computer, you will need to use composite video or SVideo cables.

In order to play the video from tablet or mobile phone on your TV, you need to first connect your mobile device to the same WiFi network your Bluray Player is on. If you do not have a wired or wireless network, see how to connect your devices via WiFiDirect. For instance, if your TV only accepts component cables, and you have an SVideo output on your computer, you will need an SVideo component adapter. Step Plug the cable into the appropriate ports and then boot up the computer.

hi i just bought this new LG smart tv (lb you probably can't find it online, it's regional) i managed to play a movie from my HTC one M8 using WiFi Direct but it was aweful!

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