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In early 2004, the Robot Wars arena was purchased from the television production firm Mentorn by a company called Robot Arenas Ltd.based in the UK, an organization set up by a past competitor in Robot Wars to continue the sport of robot combat in the UK. Due to it's incredibly hightech design, Mortis was seeded 2nd for series 2, above series 1 runner up Bodyhammer, Cassius and Chaos. Mortis had only managed to make the heat final of series 1, so being given second seeding was unfair.

Chaos 2 was a wedgeshaped robot armed with an extremely powerful pneumatic flipper. It was armoured in aluminium and polycarbonate. It was a very successful robot, winning two series of UK Robot Wars in a row, the only robot to do so.

Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction (for the PC and PlayStation 2) Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (for GBA, the PC and XBox) CD Cover for the Arenas of Destruction Robot Wars computer game. Nov 05, 2007 a rwed movie. Category Entertainment; Song Futurefunk (Techno Mix) [Track One Recordings The robots include the winner of series 2 panic attack, the winner of series 3 and 4 chaos 2, the winner of series 5 razer, behemoth, firestorm, pussycat, terrorhurtz, mortis, thor, hypnodisc and diotior.

Official Website of Robot Wars. No machine is safe BBC Two, Sundays at 8pm Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Jayne Middlemiss, that was deleted or is being discussed for deletion, which is released under the Creative Commons 3. 0 Unported License. Nov 20, 2015 Robot Wars: Arenas Of Destruction has received mixed to negative reviews. CVG awarded the game 56 out of 100, citing unresponsive controls and lack of difficulty as the reasons for the low score.

It has a GameRankings score of 41. 00 and 50. 50 for the PC and PlayStation 2 versions respectively. Jan 02, 2017 This time Chaos 2 takes a trip to Siberia, and Hypnodisc tries to win the Zorten industries' cup. Subscribe for more! Videos posted every week on Monday, Wed Chaos 2 Series 2 (Chaos) Series 36, Extreme 12 Corporal Punishment Series 23 Death Trak Series 2 Demolition Demon Series 2 Series 3 (Demolition Demon 2) Demon Series 2 Disruptor three more Robot Wars series were produced for the American, Dutch and German audience.

Below is a list of all competitors in all these series.

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